The App

YOUNGMOB promotes innovative pedagogical methods for promoting the correct use of mobile phones from a positive perspective, in despite of focusing the strategies to limit or reduce their use (negative perspective).

YOUNGMOB encourages the use of mobile phones in creative, collaborative and effective way.
– Tackling early school leaving, as far as, students using smartphones in the classroom have an
average mark a 50% lower than the students that do not use them in classroom (Kuznekoff, Munz, & Titsworth, 2015), and their incorrect or excessive use reduce severely the students’ academic effectiveness (Felisoni & Godoi, 2018). Consequently, and despite some advantages, teachers and parents are usually in favour of prohibiting mobile use in classrooms (Gao et al., 2017). Besides, the amount of time dedicated to mobile phones is directly related to a potential addiction to mobiles (Hawi & Samaha, 2016), derive in behavioural problems (Cho & Lee, 2017), mental diseases and disengagement with the learning process (Gökçearslan, Mumcu, Haşlaman & Çevik, 2016).
YOUNGMOB will contribute to reduce or avoid mobile addiction and promote their correct use taking the most of mobile benefits in the learning process